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Screenflex has been working with S & S Hinge for over 15 years. We truly do have a partnership. They manufacture our hinges with all the characteristics that we seek, at a high-quality, at a fair price, with a short lead time and have the customer service to back it up. All valued relationships are based upon good communication and this has always been the case in working with S & S Hinge over our many years together.

John Maas, President, Screenflex Portable Partitions

S & S Hinge has a family-run, warm and friendly atmosphere, but is also large and professional enough to supply our critical demands. They work with you, have a good history and understanding of our usage. They continually work with our engineers to develop designs that can be manufactured without special tooling.

Joseph Klish, Purchasing Agent, American Van Equipment, Inc.

91 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

Since 1932, our company has embraced the newest materials and technologies, breakthrough production processes, and exceptional customer service to deliver standard and custom continuous hinges quickly at competitive prices. Over the years, we’ve built newer, bigger facilities to meet the growing needs of customers like you. Today, our headquarters is still in greater Chicago, where we’re proud to serve the worldwide market.  Learn More
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