Custom Continuous Hinges

Our Customer Service Reps will make sure your hinge is customized to meet your specific needs, at the highest quality, and with the shortest lead times. We can build customer-specific tooling and provide signature services including free parts development, free prototype samples and free inventory management for custom continuous hinge orders. For more information on ordering custom continuous hinges, download our

Product and Service Guide and Capabilities Sheet.

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Hole Punching
We can make holes in many sizes, shapes, and patterns.


Staked Pin
A pin staked into position by small dents made in a consistent pattern on the bottoms of the knuckles. Fabricated on line for no additional charge. Standard on S & S 400 series. Recommended for high security applications in which customers want to avoid easy removal of pins.



Additional Value-Added Services
  • Free parts development
  • Free prototype samples
  • Free inventory management and service
  • Degreasing
  • Pem nuts
  • Stamp and label
  • Edg-guide


Various types of bending may be required to fit a hinge into the space allotted for it. All bending is done in our Value Added Department. Variations include:
Pushing one or both leaves toward or beyond the center of the pin.
Full Swaging:

One leaf swaged the full diameter of pin. Leaves are parallel in the closed position.

Half Swaging:

One leaf swaged one half of pin diameter.

Half Swaging of Both Leaves

Both leaves swaged one half of pin diameter, with minimum clearance between hinge leaves when parallel.

Reverse Swaging

One leaf swaged to simulate reverse assembly. Leaves do not close to a parallel position.

Pushing one or both leaves away from the center of the pin.
All bending of the leaves other than swaging or offsetting.
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